What They Say and What They Mean in Pharmacy

WTS: Your prescription is ready. It just needs checking by the pharmacist
WTM: The pharmacist is slow as hell

WTS: Dispensing is a complicated process and takes time. It’s not as easy as slapping a label on a box.
WTM: The dispensers need to discuss last night’s Coronation Street first

WTS: Could you please change this Oxycontin 5mg mr to the Oxybutynin 5mg mr prescribed please?
WTM: I’m not working here again

WTS: I was late to work due to traffic
WTM: I woke up late

WTS: Hi, welcome to the pharmacy, we love locums
WTM: You better do some MURs or we will spit in your tea

WTS: I know we said that your medication would be ready today but the wholesalers messed up
WTM: We forgot to order it

WTS: I just need to clarify something with the doctor
WTM: I can’t read the doctors handwriting

WTS: Sorry for the delay with your prescription, we are having computer issues
WTM: Susan has managed to misplace your prescription

WTS: Your prescription is ready but we just need to locate it
WTM: The pharmacist has alphabet issues and has put it in the wrong box

WTS: Your prescription is with the driver and is on its way
WTM: Oh crap, ring Alan and tell him to come back and pick up this delivery

WTS: My CPD record is up to date
WTM: I will start when I’m called up

WTS: I only have one biscuit with my tea
WTM: I have four biscuits with my tea

WTS: I haven’t stolen your pen
WTM: I have stolen your pen

WTS: You rang to ask if we’re open. No, that’s not a stupid question.
WTM: That’s a stupid question


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