Pharmacy A-Team

In 2002, Frank ‘Hannibal’ Dispenser was disciplined by a multiple for a dispensing error he didn’t commit. He promptly ignored the letter and moved to Yorkshire. Today, still wanted by the NHS, he survives as locum of fortune. If you have a shift that needs covering- if no one else can help – and if you can find him and pay mileage, then – maybe you can hire: Mr D

Hannibal sometimes works with a tech with bad attitude called Barbara Baracus, a good looking delivery driver called Tina ‘The Face’ Peck and a howling mad counter assistant called Mandy Mudock.

3 thoughts on “Pharmacy A-Team

  1. Latest post is not funny. There has to be a limit to what is posted as we are actually highly qualified professionals and should act as such! Most of the posts are funny , but please do not put our profession in a bad light!

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