Top Pharmacy Lies

@MrDispenser: I am not on any other medication


@EmilyJaneBond82: I ordered my prescription and was told it would be ready this morning.


@MrDispenser: My doctor knows about it


@pill_saurus: But I always had that brand.


@MrDispenser: I use my steroid inhaler daily.


@theancientartof: I’m a doctor in my own country and I definitely need some Cyclizine.


@MrDispenser: I’m on income support.


@Cleverestcookie: Yes, I always follow the pharmacist’s advice, even though they just count Smarties.


@Zahel: The wholesaler let us down.


@alkemist1912: I only take Nytol occasionally.


@__shell: There was only  14 temazepam but should have got 28


@Jonesy147: I only need that codeine linctus for my dry cough.


@Ambreen91: I know how to use my inhaler.


@PharmakeusPrime: Yes, the Feminax and the Regaine are both for me.



4 thoughts on “Top Pharmacy Lies

  1. Omg ! I can identify myself with all those lies. Everyday we face top class lies but only Mr.Dispenser could muster courage to actually publish these. Bravo Mr.D.!
    Haha loved the feminax regaine one.. And did laugh my head off.
    Keep bringing such funny topics to us Mr.D ..
    Bless your courage 🙂

  2. I’ve never bought nurofen plus before (even though we had already taken bets for what you would ask for… We won)

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