Outside the Pharmacy

I always panic when some people try and park outside the pharmacy as they only leave one inch between the car and us. What’s the strangest thing you have seen happen outside your pharmacy?

@brennanpharm: Elephant

@kim_whitehouse: A scene from a movie being filmed! It was called ‘Goal’

@eoin_martin: Patient turns up for daily prescription with an eagle on their arm…

@RPHTOTHESTARS: A couple, 70 year plus getting it on by the stores dumpster.

@Rose_Amos: A man walking by dressed as a hotdog.

@Doriannjb: I had a woman come in for self-tan, she realised she needed to shave her legs, she bought a razor, sat, and shaved her legs.

@i_Q_Balls: A brawl. Was pretty funny as they both ticked box C on the prescription.

@Gordon1000: A policeman chasing a suspect who escaped through a plate glass window from inside a shop on the other side of the road.

@__shell: Patient takes time to wait on his bag of meds and then walks across the road, takes out an inhaler and dumps rest in bin

Simon Butterworth: It’s a dead end. I reverse out but those that can’t attempt to turn. I think 22 point turn is the record.

@BigTechRx: For 5 years I’ve never been able to see outside. But inside, some gross woman was filing the crust off her feet while she waited.

One thought on “Outside the Pharmacy

  1. This topic has some hilarious replies. I can’t recall the funniest thing that happened at the window, but I’m reminded of one time when I was on-duty during the lunch hour and a young student was training with me.

    My student was a dressed in his white pharmacy school jacket, tie and formal apparel, looking quite natty, a young man of about 20 years, at least six feet tall, short blond hair, broad-shouldered of at least 175 pounds. He came from a family living in an ethnic area of the country whose heritage was associated with big-boned men and broad features. In the summer he ran buckets of hot tar for his father’s roofing business. He had ice-blue eyes and rather snippy toe-the-line type of expression, though he could laugh at a good joke as well as anyone.

    I, a short 5″ pudgy woman with a small rabbity-looking mouth, looked over the counter to the nervous-type parents of a skinny energetic child of about five to seven years of age . As the mother handed me the script, the boy looked up and pointed me out to his parents, announcing loudly to them that the pharmacist was fat and had a small mouth like a rat.

    I hurried to prepare the prescription and reconstitute the amoxicillin suspension as quickly as possible to send them on their way, when another pharmacist came into the pharmacy and left the gate open and the little boy darted into the pharmacy.

    My student saw the flash of legs and started after the child. This was a large institutional pharmacy with many freestanding shelves of drugs, as well as the clean anteroom, and other offices. Round and round the shelves, up and down the aisles until my student cornered the scamp.

    He lifted the surprised and twisting little scoundrel up by the child’s shoulders over the counter with a stern word to the parents who by now had a completed prescription, and were out the door in no time.

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