Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills 2: The Sequel

It’s been over three months since my first book ‘Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills’ came out on Kindle and paperback. I can’t believe the response that it got and am pleased to announce that I am writing a sequel to it.

It’s tentatively titled ‘Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills 2: The Sequel. The latter part is subject to change. If you think of a catchy subtitle, then please do let me know. I am aiming for an October release.

So what can you expect from the sequel? More of the same! If you liked the first one, then you should like this one too. I did not put everything in to the first book. It’s again a collection of blogs and anecdotes about pharmacy. This book will still make use of tweets but also Facebook posts too.

5% of sales will again go to Pharmacist Support.

I would like anecdotes again from as many people as possible. Especially, students, hospital folk and international pharmacy personnel.

You can email me via mrdispenser@hotmail.co.uk

If you want to see a sample of the sequel, then please email me.



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