What does 100 equal?

Dispensing is never simple!

Does 100 = 28 + 28 + 44
28 + 28 + 28 + 16 ?

Tracey G: Surely it’s whatever mood the dispenser is in?????

Rai S: Depends on receptacle size.

Iman Z: To me 100 equals to 100! Pile them up in a single box! Cost effective

Lorna B: 4×28! (Usually!) God love the Scottish Drug Tariff

Claire B: And the drug… diazepam? codeine?

Catherine H: Depends on which company you are working for!

Kelly T: 28+28+44! Pregnant box or not, shove them in there and save a box!

Emily H: Are the 44 all the same batch & expiry?

Darshana T: When it’s a horrible patient 3 x 28 and last box of 16 in singles 🙂

Amit P: Turn each blister strip of tablets to face each other, interlock them and you may be able to save on labels as well 2×50!


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