Pharmacy Exams


Exams for pharmacy students are a time of great stress. However, for the exam invigilators, they are a time of great amusement.
In order to get through the long exam, invigilators take it in turns to stand next to the: 
1) Ugliest 
2) Best looking 
3) Most likely to fail
4) Most likely to be the first to get struck off
5) Most annoying 
6) Cleverest 
7) Most likely to cry
8) Students that look like lecturers 
9) Coolest 
10) Student that probably started revising last night
11) Most likely to start a Facebook campaign demanding the resit be easier
12) Most likely to appear on Jeremy Kyle
13) Most likely be the first to complain on Twitter later
14) Most likely to be a homeopath
15) Most likely to study medicine straight after
So be worried if an invigilator stands beside you!

2 thoughts on “Pharmacy Exams

  1. What’s that? Is there an American equivalent? Also, what is meant by ‘revising last night’? I was a proctor for an exam once. The class was one of the lower prequisites in pharmacy school and it made me furious to see one girl attempting to cheat by looking at her hand surreptitiously. I mean, dear Lord, if she had to cheat then, how would she get through pharmacy school encompassing more developed chemistry, pharmacological, etc. concepts? I can’t imagine. If she couldn’t get through that class, she doesn’t and won’t get any further.

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