How to annoy the rival 100 hour pharmacy

1] Ring them and ask if they have done a prescription for Hugh Jass


2] @dodgychemist: Tell all the local tramps that there’s somewhere warm with chairs where they can spend most of the week.


3] Ring every hour to see if they are open


4] @dodgychemist: Tell them clocks have gone back so they need to open for 101 hours this week


5] Send in your mum with her 15 item script at 10.59pm


6] @dodgychemist:  Phone and ask if they do enough items to cover their electric bills


7] Send your horrible patients to them


8] @dodgychemist:  Stick a “2 hour waiting time” notice in their window


9] Let pharmacy students know on Twitter and FB that if they ever need any help with coursework or any pharmacy questions then to ring the 100 hour pharmacy


10] @dodgychemist: When I’m bored I sometimes phone the 100 hour pharmacy and get them to order high value goods for me and promise to bring in a Rx.




3 thoughts on “How to annoy the rival 100 hour pharmacy

  1. Sorry but this one is not funny. @dodgychemist has an issue with 100 hour pharmacies…ok, but his comments are neither clever or funny.

  2. @jonathon churchill… as a student of pharmacy, you should exercise your mind and LOOK IT UP ! it also irritates me when i get stupid questions from nursing students.

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