Then this work out video is for YOU

I guarantee that you will lose pounds! 39.99 to be exact!

1] Encourage people to not pay for their prescription. Give them a 30 second head start and then run after them. Great for cardio.

2] Stretch for those items on the top shelf

3] Keep making near-misses when dispensing so you have to walk back and forth to the pharmacist. A great way to increase your steps

4] If short, stand on your tiptoes so you can see over the counter. Great for your calves

5] Engage in NMS: No More Sugar

6] Do more MURS: Motivate Urself Really Severely

7] Step aerobics using the kick stool

8] Popping tablets makes your fingers stronger


One thought on “Dispensersize

  1. And here was I thinking you were going to SuperSize my medicines! I’m disappointed You’re Not Giving Me 3 for 2 on my voltarol paineze. Why Cant You Be More Customer Focused?!?

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