Mr Dispensers Law

Have you heard of Mr Dispensers Law? I’m sure you have. It states that if something can go wrong it will go wrong. Unfortunately it always to the same patient, poor Mr Smith!

Here are ten reasons why we were unable to deliver his medicines.

1) His Oilatum was unavailable last year for months. He didn’t believe me.

2) His isosorbide mononitrate was unavailable due to an explosion at the factory. He didn’t believe me.

3) The fridge failed so we were unable to supply his proctosedyl suppositories. He didn’t believe me.

4) His Wockhardt generic meds got recalled by the manufacturer. He didn’t believe me.

5) The wholesaler sent the wrong item. He didn’t believe me.

6) The wholesaler driver got a flat tyre so was unable to come that day. He didn’t believe me.

7) His Cialis was on quota. He didn’t believe me.

8) His prescription was waiting to be signed by the doctor. He didn’t believe me.

9) After six years of him waiting in the shop with his 20 item script, we persuaded him to sign up to the reorder scheme and get his medication delivered. It snowed. Our driver couldn’t deliver. He didn’t believe me.

10) We were shut on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. He didn’t believe me.


2 thoughts on “Mr Dispensers Law

  1. Simply true and MCS is always a pain. It’s like the less you expect something to go out of stock the more likely it will.

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