Double Trouble?

Pharmacists: how do you find working with other pharmacists when you are doubled up?

Lunch and Loo

Ian C: Uninterrupted lunches.

Emma R: I LOVE being a second pharmacist you can have a lunch break and go to the loo!!

@KeenPharmacy: Love it, lunch hour, shared workload and good conversation



Elaine M: Anyone else find that it makes them feel less confident?

Claire E: Yes I don’t like doing double cover, I always feel less confident.

Sally P: Yep always feel like have to check I do actually know the answer!


Taking advantage

David M: As a locum, usually the branch manager sees double cover as a day off and sits In the consultation room all day, doing ‘paper work’.

Aiden M: I’ve only ever been the second pharmacist with double bookings. Not had one since taking over a branch but I hate it. Always felt like I’m being watched by the other one and ended up in a factory line clearing a three day backlog while the other gets to play with the customers.



Sian R: Double cover? Usually means someone’s messed up the rota!



Ann P: Seems like a strange question to me: I work in hospital most of the time and am therefore used to working with other pharmacists around me both in the dispensary and on wards. I like having someone to ask questions/bounce ideas off: the main problem I have is that if I ask one of our younger pharmacists a question they assume I’m setting them some diabolical test rather than the truth which is that I’ve genuinely forgotten the answer! I do remember that when I was newly qualified it was a bit unnerving to work with someone senior. I always imagined they were watching and judging me. I now know they were probably watching, but mostly to check I was ok.



Emma A: I love it, you can do an uninterrupted consultation without worrying about those waiting, what’s not to like!

Teresa S: I feel like I’m being spoilt! Being able to do an MUR without someone interrupting with 10 baskets of “waiters” for me to check would be bliss.

Johnny H: This is the norm in my Pharmacy! Makes MURs and Methadone clinics easier to do and not have a massive backlog when returning into the dispensary.


Decision making

@wickerpharm: Good now. In days of old found neither would make a decision without consulting the other – then avoid anything contentious.



‏@sue_warman: I can only work with a few actually, only my husband. With others I always turn into a dispenser.

Meghana B: It’s good as long as the other pharmacist is NOT your husband



‏@Pharmusician: Great! Only have to do four things at once instead of eight.

Momina K: Love it! Half the work is done.


Depends on the other person

‏@clogsmypop: I used to love it. I wished it happened more!! (I am retired).assuming the other pharm was someone I clicked with. Some I just didn’t and then it was tumbleweed central..

Shveta V: I can’t say I’ve ever worked with an unknown or awkward pharmacist before.



@abitina: Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate because all I want to do is have a good natter with a fellow pharmacist.

@frandavi99: It’s immense fun and a fantastic opportunity for gossip. Don’t think the techs enjoy it quite so much though…


Find out what pharmacy staff think in the next blog….


2 thoughts on “Double Trouble?

  1. I love it – I double up at 2 independent pharmacies every week. You need to have the same work ethics as each other and be aware of what the other is doing so you can backfill and dance around each other. If that is in place and you are on the same wavelength it is good to have someone there to bounce ideas/problems off. At both places the staff at all levels like it as they too have the help when they need it without having to wait too long. Win-win

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