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Pharmacy TV Characters

Which TV character would you want to work in your pharmacy?

1) Allison Chemist: Mike Ross from Suits as their pre-reg.

2) Karen Gunnell: Mrs Doyle from Father Ted would make plenty of cups of tea.

3) Karen Gunnell: Monica from Friends. We would have lovely clean and tidy dispensary and stock doesn’t go out of date because she’d be obsessive about stock rotation.

4) @MrDispenser: Walter White: Excellent chemistry knowledge

5) @MrDispenser: Sherlock Holmes: He would find who stole my pen in seconds

6) @MrDispenser: The Fonz: Super cool when it gets busy

7) @MrDispenser: Dr Cox from Scrubs would be a great pre-reg tutor

8) @MrDispenser: Jack Bauer from 24: He can work to a deadline

9) Reena B: Speedy Gonzales as the delivery driver

10) @miss_njun: Carrie Mathison from Homeland: Great attention to detail and would make an excellent ACT


And finally…

Reena B: Patients would be Victor Meldrew and Hyacinth Bucket


Double Trouble part 2

This is what pharmacists thought about being doubled up: Double Trouble

What do Pharmacy Staff think of having two pharmacists?

1] Bad

Denise W: They both try to outdo each other! Like to make a big thing of it when they find a near miss – look at me i can accuracy check! Yeah well done it’s your job that’s why you get paid a hell of a lot more money than us mere dispensers!

Rachel S: Never know who has the CD keys!

Marcia H: Fine, don’t take a blind bit of notice to either

Susan P: Annoyed cause all they do all day is talk!

David J: I like having two or more as long as they do their job. I have worked with some that I would prefer just went home.

Heather F: It’s best if it’s someone you know and not someone who’s heavy awkward or useless.

Rey R: You can see who the lazy one is.

Ashlie S: I never know who to ask question/ask to speak to patients. I don’t want to give anyone an inferiority complex.

@sunita_pall: There’s always tension of who is the fastest checker and who is the boss!

@MissSarahJCraig: Had four pharmacists in the other day, couldn’t get any of them to check a prescription though!

@OriginalAsif: A constant power struggle as to who is in charge, but some pharmacists are ok to work with, as long as they listen..

@NasirAyyaz: One of them is always lazier than the other

2] Good

Alex B: Love having two people to pester for answers

Sarah A: We often have three pharmacists sometimes four our shop that busy. Find it good as always one on hand for advice

Angela C: Double cover is fab, it gives our A.C.T a helping hand in the MDS room

Spammy S: Yay! things get checked regardless of phone calls/ I must speak to a pharmacist about this face cream’…. but you do things the way one pharmacist likes and then you have to change it for the other and start second guessing yourself.

@teresaflannery: It’s ok until you ask a question and both give you different answers *awkward*

@digitalpretzel: Tech here, I work with 2 RPHs frequently. I love it. 1 can check prescriptions, 1 can counsel or talk to doctors. Those are smooth Mondays

@StudDispenser: As a dispenser I like to gossip and catch up with the pharmacists after some time, although some customers may not like it.

Katie M: I love it. It means things still get checked even if one pharmacist is busy elsewhere. On the phone etc

Jill T: Love having 2 pharmacists we just hold up a red basket and shout waiter and see who’s the quickest to check lol