Double Trouble part 2

This is what pharmacists thought about being doubled up: Double Trouble

What do Pharmacy Staff think of having two pharmacists?

1] Bad

Denise W: They both try to outdo each other! Like to make a big thing of it when they find a near miss – look at me i can accuracy check! Yeah well done it’s your job that’s why you get paid a hell of a lot more money than us mere dispensers!

Rachel S: Never know who has the CD keys!

Marcia H: Fine, don’t take a blind bit of notice to either

Susan P: Annoyed cause all they do all day is talk!

David J: I like having two or more as long as they do their job. I have worked with some that I would prefer just went home.

Heather F: It’s best if it’s someone you know and not someone who’s heavy awkward or useless.

Rey R: You can see who the lazy one is.

Ashlie S: I never know who to ask question/ask to speak to patients. I don’t want to give anyone an inferiority complex.

@sunita_pall: There’s always tension of who is the fastest checker and who is the boss!

@MissSarahJCraig: Had four pharmacists in the other day, couldn’t get any of them to check a prescription though!

@OriginalAsif: A constant power struggle as to who is in charge, but some pharmacists are ok to work with, as long as they listen..

@NasirAyyaz: One of them is always lazier than the other

2] Good

Alex B: Love having two people to pester for answers

Sarah A: We often have three pharmacists sometimes four our shop that busy. Find it good as always one on hand for advice

Angela C: Double cover is fab, it gives our A.C.T a helping hand in the MDS room

Spammy S: Yay! things get checked regardless of phone calls/ I must speak to a pharmacist about this face cream’…. but you do things the way one pharmacist likes and then you have to change it for the other and start second guessing yourself.

@teresaflannery: It’s ok until you ask a question and both give you different answers *awkward*

@digitalpretzel: Tech here, I work with 2 RPHs frequently. I love it. 1 can check prescriptions, 1 can counsel or talk to doctors. Those are smooth Mondays

@StudDispenser: As a dispenser I like to gossip and catch up with the pharmacists after some time, although some customers may not like it.

Katie M: I love it. It means things still get checked even if one pharmacist is busy elsewhere. On the phone etc

Jill T: Love having 2 pharmacists we just hold up a red basket and shout waiter and see who’s the quickest to check lol


4 thoughts on “Double Trouble part 2

  1. Being a pharmacist myself, I absolutely hate getting stuck with lazy pharmacist ! They usually bugger off to room at back where I frequently find them just gossiping on dramas with staff! One pharmacist, just sat there blatantly reading articles in c&d .. I never went back to that pharmacy..
    I usually get left to hold the fronts..

  2. I don’t get what the dif is between dispensers and pharmacists and don’t understand why someone other than the pharmacist is doing the counseling, unless pharmacy shops in GB are regularly staffed with ‘junior pharmacists’ e.g. students, interns, trainees, etc.

    Here in the US, shops are staffed with pharmacists (RPh, PharmD), techs, and students who are somewhere between pharmacist (get to counsel and check out narcotics), and techs (have to have their work co-signed and double-checked).

    Why would one pharmacist get to skip out and leave the other? Most folks would say, something if someone wasn’t pulling their weight. If there is a a staff immunizer, they’re usually assigned to that task solely.

    In the retail situations I’ve worked, two pharmacists are great especially for covering bathroom and meal breaks. So what if one likes to go out and help in the OTCs? Some pharmacist prefer it, or are more comfortable if someone else does it, but we generally take turns. If the pharmacy manager is scheduled to work that day, they usually staff until they find a time slot to do paperwork when things are slow.

    Also, my experience in the shops is as an agency pharmacist, I was the only one working with 5-6 techs and a non-pharmacy personnel cashier pulled from another department or a pharmacy front-ender that took care of stocking OTCs. (I don’t understand why there are not the same pharmacy staff every day. There are many chains here in the US and shops are staffed by the same ‘pool’ of pharmacists, generally, with a regular schedule.)

    If we had 5-6 techs, and just me, it was usually a mad rush all day for me with no break for the bathroom unless the restroom was right next door–not always the case. Sometimes, I could grab a bite if I’d stuck a sandwich and a few plums in my purse. I’d sneak them in when my hands were clean enough to stuff them in my face. Or, sometimes the mid-morning tech brought doughnuts or cake and then there was a time for hot coffee and a bite.

    The chance to sit down for ten minutes in a row was the best thing about two staffing. Sometimes, it worked out better for enforcing discipline with mouthy techs, too.

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