Pharmacy TV Characters

Which TV character would you want to work in your pharmacy?

1) Allison Chemist: Mike Ross from Suits as their pre-reg.

2) Karen Gunnell: Mrs Doyle from Father Ted would make plenty of cups of tea.

3) Karen Gunnell: Monica from Friends. We would have lovely clean and tidy dispensary and stock doesn’t go out of date because she’d be obsessive about stock rotation.

4) @MrDispenser: Walter White: Excellent chemistry knowledge

5) @MrDispenser: Sherlock Holmes: He would find who stole my pen in seconds

6) @MrDispenser: The Fonz: Super cool when it gets busy

7) @MrDispenser: Dr Cox from Scrubs would be a great pre-reg tutor

8) @MrDispenser: Jack Bauer from 24: He can work to a deadline

9) Reena B: Speedy Gonzales as the delivery driver

10) @miss_njun: Carrie Mathison from Homeland: Great attention to detail and would make an excellent ACT


And finally…

Reena B: Patients would be Victor Meldrew and Hyacinth Bucket


3 thoughts on “Pharmacy TV Characters

  1. Lou from Little Britain….(the one in the wheelchair)… would be a nightmare trying to get the right brand for him…..”i dont want that one”….!

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