That was close!


Please put your hands up if you have never made a mistake? If you have your hands up, please see me after. I want to offer you a job. Everybody make mistakes.

We learn at university and during pre-reg about how to let prescribers know when they have made mistakes and the best way to do it. However, no one ever told me how to let the staff know when they have made an error when dispensing.

There are five ways of doing it:

1] Throw the wrongly dispensed medicine back at them.

2] Shout at them.

3] Don’t say anything and correct it yourself.

4] Call them over and discreetly tell them.

5] Call them over and tell them that they have a made a mistake but let them figure it out for themselves.


Let’s go through the different options.

1] This may be the most satisfying but will result in more paperwork. I hate paperwork.

2] This is also satisfying but may result in tears or a punch.

3] This doesn’t help the person learn about their mistakes. Sometimes it’s the easiest option and doesn’t result in them spitting in your coffee.

4] They don’t get embarrassed using this technique. Be prepared for them to tell you that it wasn’t them or offer an idiotic excuse.

5] I prefer this option if it’s not busy. You can see the wheels turning in their head when they figure out their mistake. Although, sometimes they still can’t figure out their mistake….


Just be prepared when they re-dispense it with a different mistake…


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