28 fantastic made-up cures I promise wont change your life

Everyday I read about a magical cure on the internet that make amazing health claims. I wonder how easy it is to just make one up…


1] @The_Eye_Doctor: Putting milk in your eye will treat conjunctivitis

2] ‏@SparkleWildfire: Soothe away arthritis pains by washing your hair with all-natural, drug-free golden syrup

3] @KevPharmacist: Eat nothing but chocolate for five years and you’ll never be bothered by asthma again.

4] @SparkleWildfire: Rubbing your face against a TV screen whilst EastEnders is on cures back pain

5] @SiobhanAbrahams: Simple linctus helps a cough

‏6] @Alrob85: Keep a potato in your trousers to prevent type II diabetes

7] @ianthunderroad: Shoving raw mince up your arse cures Crohn’s

8] @ianthunderroad: Reading the Daily Mail, causes but also cures cancer

9] @SparkleWildfire: Copious amounts of cake cures guttate psoriasis

10] @Alrob85: Rubbing a sage leaf on your nose cures gonorrhoea

‏11] @ianthunderroad: Lactulose is a very effective cough remedy.

‏12] @MrDispenser: Using Just for Men hair dye cures heterosexuality

13]  @MagneticFlea: Women should not cook or clean during their period.

‏14] @Pharmusician: Jaffa cakes prevent migraine

‏15] @MrDispenser: Reading the BNF cures insomnia. Oh wait…

16] @SparkleWildfire: Leaving some flowers to rot in sunlight then diluting them with brandy cures mood disorders

‏17] @SparkleWildfire: Booping a cat’s nose three times with a haggis cures period pain.

‏18] @SparkleWildfire: Protect yourself from dangerous radiation (and pesky foreigners) by hiding under a copy of the Daily Mail at all times.

19] @lemonianta: Eating honey will stop hives

20] @SparkleWildfire: Eating Super Noodles everyday prevents Japanese Encephalitis.

‏21] @SiobhanAbrahams: Homeopathy cures all sorts of conditions

22] @MrDispenser: Staying monogamous prevents heartburn

‏23] @MrDispenser: Snorting Cottage cheese is good for thrush

24] @SparkleWildfire: Rubbing blue cheese into your elbow treats haemorrhoids

‏25] @MrDispenser: Burning your bra prevents sore nipples

26] @MrDispenser: Saying ‘Candyman’ in the mirror three times reduces wrinkles

‏27] @MrDispenser: Eating the left crocodile testicle cures sweat rash

‏28] @MrDispenser: Sucking a cucumber cures erectile dysfunction 


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