Hello and Welcome.

I am a community pharmacist from England.

I have been a relief pharmacist, second pharmacist, manager and locum.

I love pharmacy and am not ashamed to admit it.

This blog is designed for entertainment purposes only.

No offence is intended.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. HIya, just found you via your #ff awards – nice idea, I shall look some of them up. I’m intrigued tho, if you’re a pharmacist why have you called your blog Mr Dispenser? If you’re not ashamed to love pharmacy then why describe yourself as a pill-counter? This isn’t a dig, I’m genuinely interested, and surprised – our profession as you know is bloody awful at PR, which begs the question, should we be propagating the media’s image of us? Feel free to reply privately if you’d prefer. Appreciate you can’t really change the name now due to loss of SEO/readership etc, just interested as to how we see ourselves as a profession and why.
    Elly x

    1. Hiya, thanks for your comment. I thought of two names initially. I genuinely can’t remember the other name. I put both names to a focus group (my mates) and MrD won. I just think it sounds cool but my definition of cool may differ of yours. Yes, it has confused a few people but I do state I’m a pharmacist on my profile. Its just a bit of fun. My blogs are pharmacy specific and not intended for patients although I appreciate they may end up reading them. I agree our PR is crap and am intending to blog about it. I never thought people would actually read my blog so did not spend too long thinking about what the name means. I’m surprised no one has complained about my profile pic BTW. Hope that helps. Mr Dispenser

  2. Hello! I am quite enjoying your blog and your experiences. It is quite interesting to read about experiences of pharmacy in another country! Feel free to stop by and visit if you get the chance, =D

  3. Why are you anonymous?! Can’t you even tell us where in the UK you are based, or how long qualified. Also why all the twitter names. Some of us oldies don’t do that. It seems like a closed club for you and your mates to have a laugh at patients and staff and locums and just take the piss?!

    1. I don’t see what the problem is here.

      So Mr Dispenser is anonymous…what of it?

      They obviously feel that the freedom anonymity brings means that they can post things in a way that they wouldn’t if they named themselves. Plus it will also put themselves in the firing line…. Mr Dispenser allows a certain amount of information on here, anymore would give more clues as to whom they are. To be honest they have put up more information then, say, X-rayser or Withering’s wisdom.

      As to the twitter names – this is probably the main forum as to where the majority of the blog readers come from…so to use twitter names means that Mr Dispenser knows who it is who has responded. Also saying its a closed club is simply not true – anyone and everyone is included and welcomed. And no it’s not taking the piss, it’s more a case of wry observations and he is a highly professional person.

      Though the world would be a boring place if we all agreed πŸ™‚

    2. Many of us are pseudonym-ous as we prefer our views to be considered on their own merits without being labelled as PCT pharmacist or Yorkshire pharmacist or a female pharmacist.

      Like any social network, it’s not a case of being a closed shop – we are just friends you haven’t made friends with yet πŸ™‚

  4. Dispensing is an activity carried out by pharmacy staff. Dispenser is a term that can describe someone doing the activity. Pharmacists are trained to do dispensing and as the registered healthcare professional legally responsible for the dispensing activity delegate it to other staff. These staff may be registered – pharmacy technicians, or may have lesser training and are often called dispensers or even pharmacy assistants.

    I don’t believe that the comments are necessarily ‘poking fun’. The issues are ones that are commonly encountered and usually demonstrate the patient/doctor/nurse/receptionist’s lack of understanding of the pharmacist’s role or operational aspects of community pharmacy provision. As a lot of these have been going on for the 30+ years I have been qualified then a certain amount of derision is justified!

    I believe the anonymity is designed to protect the patients and GPs not the pharmacist.

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