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Book Names

Thanks to twitter, my book has a name. I asked and it answered.

These are the great responses that I received:


@Louise_tweets: the dispensary

@AdamPlum: “dispensing the truth from behind the counter”

@Fatema17: ‘Trust me, I’m a pharmacist’ although that could be too similar to a book called ‘trust me I’m a doctor’

@ian_bish: A Tale of Two Mittes?

@Clareylang: Prescriptions for laughter

@pill_saurus: 1) A day in the Life of a Pharmacist 2) The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Pharmacists tales@kelbel6969696: the legal drug dealers tales or a pill poppers tales

@Wojciethromycin: “Stories from Behind the Pharmacy Counter” or something about selling one’s soul to retail?

@pillmanuk: a prescription for laughter? The Apothecary’s Tale. How about The Big Book of Pharmacy or the Codex according to Mr Dispenser

@hajja22: Mr Dispenser’s Book

@saj_raz:”I love pharmacy” “pharmacy life”

@Cleverestcookie: Green Beauty


Bronze: @rachy2412: White Coats and Anecdotes

Silver: @kevfrost: Some Pharmacies Do Have ‘Em by Frank Dispenser

Gold: @Helenroot: Pills, Thrills and Spills


I have added Methadone and I am delighted to announce that my book will be called ‘Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills’


Book Update 2

I am really enjoying writing the book. Somehow, I am now on 32,000 words. The response from people has been amazing. I have found lots of useful material on the Locum Voice and Pharmacy Forum website. As such, the deadline for anecdotes is 31st August to enable me to concentrate on editing the book.

The categories of anecdotes that I am looking for include:







Advanced and Enhanced Services,



Mispronounced drugs

Examples of anecdotes:

“Ask for a product for your child. When told it will cost £5.49, say “pfff, no way am I paying that!”. Emerge from the shop next door two minutes later with 20 Benson and Hedges”

“When is 56 + 56 = 110??? When some fool is adding up the CD balance”

“Story told to me by a dispenser some years ago – she swore it was true and I never had cause not to believe her. (If she reads this she’ll know who she is!) They had as customers a young couple trying unsuccessfully for a child with the woman on fertility treatment. Every month her husband brought in her urine sample for a pregnancy test and every month it was negative – and on getting the result he always looked devastated. One month he brought in the sample and the result was the same – negative. Now in those days the tests could not detect pregnancy as early as today’s can so thinking that the result might have been positive if the sample had been taken a day or two later and in an attempt to show sympathy the dispenser said “I think you might have come too early”. She said he went red as a beetroot and replied that he couldn’t help it”.

I plan to have a draft ready by the end of September and show selected people at The Pharmacy Show!

The Book: Update

Today, I hit 7000 words. It has not been edited yet but I will do that at the end. My aim is 20000 words at least.

People have been so helpful so far. Clearly, not everyone has replied to my pleas for stories but the ones that have, have been wonderful.

Chemist and Druggist and P3 mag have been kind enough to let me mention my book idea online and in print respectively. Hopefully, at least one more magazine will do the same. One magazine that I wont be appearing in (unless I get struck off) is the PJ. They wanted me to take out a paid advert and would not let me stay anonymous.

Twitter, as expected, has been great. I got a mention about the book from someone with 21,000 followers. Yesterday, the same from someone with 7,000 followers.

One way that I am hoping my book will be different from others on the market is by using tweets. These are short, snappy and can be extremely hilarious. If you tweet something funny or spot a funny tweet, give me a nudge.

I am happy to include anonymous anecdotes too.

I will keep you posted

The Book

I have a dream. It’s not quite as powerful as Mr King’s but it’s important to me. I want to write a book about life in pharmacy. There is too much doom and gloom surrounding pharmacy and I want it to make people laugh.

A similar book was published recently. I have not read it but I believe with the help of social media, we could create something special. I need your help.

I want people to send in anecdotes and jokes about pharmacy. I would love to hear from community pharmacists, pre-regs, technicians, dispensers and counter staff. Also hospital, primary care, prison, academics, pharmacy journalists, students, GPs and even GP receptionists. I will add in some of my blogs too. I have no idea how I will publish it but that will be part of the adventure.

You can reply to this blog, via email, or Twitter @mrdispenser

I look forward to hearing from you and will keep you updated!

Tell your friends too!