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What would you do part 5?

You are a newly qualified pharmacist who accepted a managers position.

One of the counter assistant has worked at that pharmacy for 20 years and constantly talks down to you and disrespects you in front of other staff.

What would you do?

Has something similar happened to you?


What would you do part 4?

You are shopping in Tesco on the weekend and see one of your methadone clients at the pharmacy counter trying to buy co-codamol. You overhear him say that he is not on any other medication.

What would/could you do?

What would you do part 3? Guest post by @MrRx

Patient puts in repeat for Durogesic patches 25 – 2 boxes (and other meds)

Comes back in 3 days later with a new Rx asking for them now and also wanting to collect others. New Rx is for MST 30mg 120 tabs.

Check with patient no longer needs patches. Patches not yet handed over to patient as still in CD cubpoard in bag waiting to be handed over.

Dispense MST 30mg.

No other patient on Durogesic patches, ordered specially in.

Why did she put in repeat request if not getting long with them.

ULTIMATE problem – what do you do with Rx. Strictly speaking not handed across to patient. yet specially ordered in.

1) Do you class as not dispensed and tear up Rx, keep and see if ever needed again

2) You ordered in good faith, they were “dispensed” submit Rx for payment, enter out of CD reg and then enter into pt return CD book and destroy immediately

What would you do?

Its 9.00pm on a Saturday evening and you are still at work. A patient brings in a prescription for 500g E45 cream and you don’t have the item in stock. You are closed tomorrow.
Do you:
A] Say that you don’t have it in and ask them to try elsewhere
B] Offer to order it in for Monday
C] Ring your competitor across the road and if they have it in, send the patient across
D] Ask patient to ring out of hours doctors to get an alternative prescribed
E] Try [probably in vain] to convince them to buy a small tube of it for over the weekend
F] Other