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Just Say No

I really should learn to say no once in a while. It’s actually quicker and easier than a yes. I got asked to work on Saturday morning for four hours and said yes. I had not been to this pharmacy in a few years but remembered it to be a pleasant one.

I thought I knew how to get there so I did not use my Sat Nav. When it got to 8.55am and I was lost, I pulled over and turned on the Sat Nav. It was 7 minutes away. I arrived at 9.02am very embarrassed and apologised profusely.

I was greeted with scenes similar to this:


[Pictures by @impure3]


I sent a cheeky tweet detailing my findings before getting down to the task at hand. Twenty minutes later, the locum agency rang and said that there was a mix-up and that I had to go to another branch 20 miles away!

I looked at the baskets and weighed it up against the car journey and decided to move branches. I was told not to wait for my replacement. The lady from the locum agency told me that there was already someone at the next pharmacy waiting for me to get there so not to worry about getting there ASAP. So I stopped for a McDonalds breakfast! I jest!

The next pharmacy was 45 minutes away according to the Sat Nav. I started driving and decided to ring them to let them know how long it would take me. Whilst on the phone, I heard police sirens behind me rapidly approaching. Thankfully they had a more important matter to attend to and did not punish my stupidity.

The pharmacy was the scene of my ‘Locums deserve respect’ post https://mrdispenser.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/locums-deserve-respect/┬áThankfully it was a lot nicer this time and less problematic. However, I wish I had said no and stayed in bed.