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Gender Bender

The majority of the pharmacy support staff workforce is female. What if it were male….
    • Less conversation about nails and hair
    • More conversation about cars and football
    • Less talk about comparing breast size
    • More talk about comparing penis size
    • Less bitching
    • More direct insults
    • Less toilet breaks and sanitary bins
    • More longer toilet breaks and magazines to read in there
    • Less Hello/Take a Break in staff room
    • More Top Gear and Four Four Two
    • Less pathetic attempts at dieting
    • More ‘who can eat the most’ contests
    • Less crying at work
    • More physical fights
    • Taking forever to unscrew a lid off a bottle as no man would admit defeat and ask for help
    • Less cooing and brooding over babies
    • More cooing over sports cars
    • Would not need to call out handy men for repairs as men would do it themselves even if it would take them months to fix repairs
    • Less tea making
    • Increased methane gas in the dispensary
    • There would be no multitasking
    • Less frequent emptying of bins
  •           There would be a huge Man Flu OTC section


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and at no point reflects the views of the author